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Why don't you add the Arisaka to your paper? The Russian bolt is a nightmare compared to an Arisaka bolt. Most of the ones I have shot that were 1943 and older shot pretty good. The Arisaka is just as strong as a Russian and weighs a lot less. I just sold a type 99 at an auction that was reworked during the Korean war by the U.S. to 30.06. The Koreans could not deal with complicated guns like the M-1 so they reworked thousands of Arisakas. The Russians actually bought Arisakas and I think England may have at one time also because I have some old Knyoch (spelling?) military ammo in 6.5 Japanese. The Arisaka is the easiest of all three to sporterize and throw a scope on. If you look at all three, the Russian does not have a lot going for it. I vote Mauser-Arisaka-Russian
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