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Thanks for all the response. My Lyman powder measure likes to be at least 3/4 full to throw an accurate charge(+ - .2) of flake powder.Occasional.3-.5 if I am not paying attention to my powder level.I am very careful of my loads with Bullseye,and Unique for my .38/.357 and .45ACP, and keep them on the plus side.I actually like Bluedot and have used it for years,when I can get it.It is very forgiving and you cannot double charge.I eyeball all my charges anyway.Dumb not to. I am now using Herco, as I cannot find Bluedot. I have given up on extruded powders.They just do not meter,and I dislike having to crunch through the grain to meter the charge.I do not mind using the powder trickler to get an exact charge when loading for rifle rounds: .30-03,.243, .30-40,.30-30,.223.and I like H414and H380.
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