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I have loaded/shot Berry's in both 9 and .45 (and .38 special, too!) .... I have had the best luck by keeping the velocity below 1200 in 9mm ..... No worries with .38 or .45- they were not designed for jacketed bullet velocities in the first place.....


9mm- Unique (does not meter well for me) Power Pistol (current favorite pistol powder!)

.38- 700X (another flake powder my measure does not like), Unique (same relults) ..... have not tried PP yet, gotta use up all the flakes first.

.45- vN-340 (expensive and harder to find, but gave me best velocity for pins) Red Dot, 700X, Power Pistol. I tried a Blue Dot load once that gave inconsitant vleocities and left a lot of unburned powder laying around.....
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