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Sea Buck, Depending on powders it pretty hard to get some to meter thru a powder measurer that will weight what you want.

I understand what you allow myself if I'm going to reload and I get a load that shoot good say at 45gr that's what I'm going to load. I don't mind using a powder trickler it's right next to my scale.

I have a BR powder measurer that I use at the range on some calibers. In small cases like the 222 etc .1 to .5 gr difference is a big deal. I'm not much into pistol/shotgun loading so cann't comment on those.

Calibers like my 280AI I test my load like this 56.5gr,57gr,57.5 on up and I do that with all my deer/elk rifles. I can tell a difference and I see it in the chrongraph also but I'm not shooting factory rifle.
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