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anyone know if this thing was rifled? hope if it was or something similar, it didnt screw that up. but chances are since it screwed up the inside anyways (that was determined when i found out what happened) how should i go about repairing it. undoubtedly it scraped up the inside pretty good anyways. just curious.
Rifled barrels don't have chokes in them and you do not have a model T because they didn't go that high. If you have the full choke you have one of the first variants and you might be looking at an F only obscured to look like a T. If you have the C-lect choke it is one of the second variants. To the best of my knowledge this shotgun never had a slug barrel for it. Just between you me and the neighbors dog cleaning will not help if something is cracked or broken, you need a good qualified gunsmith to determine that.

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