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Grip Shaking

I discovered that using a quality hand grip (e.g., << >> has minimized oscillations
when pistol shooting ( .45 NM, and .22 M41. )

My regime is during the day to start with the 150 lb version
in sets of 20, first in spring coil at 12:00 position, pointing up;
20 in 6:00 position, pointing down.

Then I proceed to the 200 lb version - sets of 10 up&down pointing.

[ I cut a thin bicycle inner tube to sleeve the grips. The knurling
is a bear on the hands and fingers. ]

Next: hold the 200 lb closed for 10 secs. as if I was aiming at a target.
Up the down position in turn.

Added benefit: seems that military M.D.s have seen a secondary
benefit to pilots is that it aids in reducing blood pressure.

Being over 70 I find that I can still hold my .45 with minimum

Hope this adds to your information data base.
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