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It would be great to get a court decision immediately stopping all enforcement against non-prohibited persons. There could be a period of constitutional carry until the bureaucrats could get their ducks in order.
I wouldn't hold my breath based on the way Chicago (the ones who've been preventing CCW in IL all along) seems to have been doing things. Chicago actually replaced their draconian gun ban with a slightly less draconian set of regulation once the writing was on the wall about McDonald. While Chicago politicians like to drag their feet when the situation suits them, they can also ramrod things through very quickly when they feel they need to. I think that may-issue or even shall-issue is probably preferable to constitutional carry in the eyes of CCW obstructionists like Gov. Quinn and Speaker Madigan (the IL AG is the daughter of the Speaker of the House hence the same last names), so I wouldn't be suprised to see a CCW law passed with lightning speed if it looks like either of these cases isn't going the state's way.
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