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I;ve got several Handi Rifles and I like them for what they are. Simple, rugged inexpensive firearms. I did a write-up about my collection at my ezine.

Handi rifles have some foibles, one of them is that they seem to prefer (from a bench), the front bag to be as close to the trigger guard as possible.

My .30-30 is a good shooter. It hovers around an inch with good handloads, depending on who is behind the trigger. My particular example has a Marlin microgroove barrel and likes jacketed bullets better than it likes cast bullets. I mounted a fixed 4X scope and use it to train new shooters when they're ready to step up to centerfire cartridges.

Originally Posted by Picher
The weakness in the design is in the ejector system. I'd prefer an extractor-only design
I agree, but note that Picher has a rimless chambering. My .30-30 came with an extractor system and I believe that the rimless rifles come with ejectors and the rimmed cartridge rifles have extractors. I agree with Picher, because my .223 Handi has an ejector and has given me a few problems. Those problems were easily solved with a good cleaning and lubrication.
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