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Got 300 myself. It's going for the best price I've seen and shipping is fast.

Here's a question for all you revolver cartridge reloading afficianados out there: How many rounds of brass do you keep on hand for your favorite revolver calibers?

I shoot more .45 Colt than any other revolver caliber and have about 400-500 pieces of brass on hand, plus another hundred in .45 Schofield. I notice that with revolvers I never seem to keep as much brass around as I do with my semis. For example, I probably have in the neighborhood of 10,000 rounds of 9mm brass in my basement right now, probably nearly that many in .45 ACP; all processed and ready to load. I've never had that much revolver brass even though I do shoot a lot. It's not a matter of shooting volume, I don't think. It seems I just keep a smaller stock on hand, but load them more frequently. Some of my .45 Colt brass has been loaded two dozen times in the past couple of years. (I mostly load them with 38 grains of FFFg.)
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