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For those induced to try and duplicate what you have done, what lubricant have you applied to the outside of the paper patch?
My process is pretty simple. I use lined notebook paper for the patch with the lines running perpendicular to the boolit. 60-degree angle on the ends with a 2" wrap puts it right on the money. Apply the patch wet, pig-tail it and let it dry. Then I use a finger-rub of LLA on the dry patch and run the whole thing through my sizer once it dries (best to run it through a push-through backwards). Inspect, load, and shoot. This combo is the best I've come across for PP'ing. LLA holds the patch tight much better than lithium grease ever did--I have a bunch of patched unloaded boolits sitting ont he shelf that I rolled over the winter and they're still as tight as ever but haven't swelled or shrunk from initial sizing one iota--very solid. The bonus seems to be that the LLA only seals the top layer, so it doesn't glue the patch to the boolit and doesn't need to since the patch shrinks around the existing lube grooves to hold tight. The results so far is that I get confetti every time on a very consistent, tight patch.

I'll be honest that I haven't done a whole lot of experimenting with PP'ing on this one so I don't have any variants for patch size, lube, etc to toss at you. This was the first combo I tried on this rifle and it worked so well right out of the gate that I haven't messed with it. The only thing I might do now is to soften my alloy a little for a better expansion.

salvadore>> The mold I'm using is Lyman that was intended for the 32-40 at .319. I lapped it out to .322 and size to .321 for my standard cast boolit loads and squeeze them down to .311 for PP'ing. It drops at 155gr to 158gr depending on the alloy.
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