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My question... Unless its the only rifle you have why would you hunt deer with a cartridge that's marginal for the task??
Because ARs are waaay cooool, dude! It's like what the soldiers use. I can pretend I'm in Afghanistan chasing Taliban. Besides, bolt actions are for old farts. They don't look as tacticool either. I never saw any SEALs use a bolt action rifle.

I give up. Maybe these guys are recoil sensitive. My 118lb. Wife used my 30-06 on a deer last season. If she can handle it, any man can.

This is not meant to single the OP out. He appears to be a good guy. I just get frustrated with today's hunters. I am only 39, but I was taught right by two WWII vet grandfathers and a Vietnam vet Marine father. Bring enough gun. Respect the game animals. If you miss with your first shot, you don't deserve a second. Etc, etc, etc.

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