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Your Forster is a little different from mine (after 20+ years of being unattached, I recently screwed it to a small base). When my daughter was a preschooler, she often came up with, "It's exactly the same, only different…"
Smart girl....well put!!

A few years ago I added to my 40-year-old reloading outfit (Rockchucker/Forster/Lee handprimer), and bought an auto-progressive Pro 2000. Do that and then try staying happy with ANY manual trimmer. What used to be a mildly inconvenient bottleneck, became a glaring and annoying trial of my patience. (us old farts are nearly out of that you know). This is a case of too many cases to load...too little time.

Yeah I could buy a Giraud, but after spending a pretty hefty sum already for a progressive, all the accessories to load 5 calibers, and a Bullet Feeder, I wanted to speed up the Trimming yet slowing down the spending. (you gotta leave a little cash for food and components you know.) Also I doubt my well used hands and wrists would stay happy very long tying to hold on to 5000 cases while the Giraud cuts them down.

So I came up with the same ole Forster.....only different! It's very fast nearly approaching Giraud speeds without having to hold on. For my needs it's perfect.
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