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If it's legal, you can do it. That doesn't make it ethical. I just don't see what someone gains by using an inferior (for large game) round. It's not like it involves more skill than if you used a .270. If you like the idea of having to take close shots, use a 30-30 with irons. I wouldn't use anything less than a 30-30 on deer. If you want to use an AR, get one chambered in 6.8sp or 6.5 Grendel. Even better, get an AR10. That will be my next firearm purchase, as I already have multiple ARs in 5.56.

In some states .223 is illegal to use on deer. There is a reason for that. It's not sporting to use a .223 on a large game animal. Sure, a head shot or perfect heart shot will kill a deer, but you have less margin for error with the .223. What if it hits a thick bone? The .223 might not penetrate enough, leaving the animal to run off and die a slow miserable death. I was taught that a true sportsman brings enough rifle to the hunt.

I believe most people (may not be your case) who hunt deer with .233 are mall ninja types looking for a chance to use their AR on flesh. I bet I could kill a moose with a .22lr, but what would I gain by doing so?

Good luck. I hope you change your mind. I hope your aim is true.

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