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Well mr blue just like your sig suggests opinions are like *******s everyone's got em and they all stink. Now imho there is nothing cruel about using .223 for whitetail as mentioned before its rare for a shot to reach out over 50-60 yards. At those distances the .223 will have no problems dropping a whitetail with a well placed shot and if you can't make a well placed shot at 50 yards you have no business hunting in the first place. Now for longer shots I have plenty of options for rifles such as endless 30-30's at our camp at least 6 or 7 30-06's a .270 or two. Also we have a few people at our camp use .223 and it hasn't stopped them from making clean kills. If it doesn't work out for me at all for whatever reason I will use something else I'm going with the ar purely because I can and I want to not because its optimal. Thats why I love this country I have the ablility to hunt with what I choose.
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