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Kraig is 100% absolutely correct.

Although I can hear a little with my right ear, and wear a hearing aid to function, at the Highpower match the aid comes off, a foam plug goes in, and muffs go over, and I can hear as well as a cedar fence post. I jealously protect the little hearing I have left.

They try not to put me at the far right end of the line, with nobody to watch. I know the commands, so when the shooter to my right picks up his rifle and gets into position, I know we are in prep time. The targets go up and down for prep time and for each match. When I see him insert a magazine, I know the command has been given, "With bolts remaining open, with two or five rounds, load!" - so I do, and wait for the targets to appear.

The match director knows to kick my foot (in prone) or tap my shoulder (other positions) if there is an immediate cease fire - and I make sure the shooters on either side know, too, to keep from burdening the match director (if there is a cease fire, something is wrong and he does not really have time to pamper me).

Go to the match. Let them know you are deaf. If they are like any of the shooters I know, they will make you welcome and work out procedures that will enable you to compete, safely.

Have fun!

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