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Arizona Gun Leather...the adventure continues

Here is the latest load of tripe:

had sent them yet another email that said "It is pretty evident by the ebay active store and facebook page that you are still in business and just ignoring emails from customers you either owe refunds or products to. The only phone number listed is still disconnected.

Please be so kind as to refund the money paid for the holster I ordered in April which I had no expectation of ever seeing.

I have also contacted the Surprise Police Department by email today and if this is not resolved by you, I will probably have to make the trip to Arizona upon my return from Iraq just to have to file charges."

And I received a response back that basically said it was taking longer than they expected to deal with his father's estate and she was sorry that I felt the need to contact the local police.

My response to that email to again request a refund was met by an autoreply from yahoo that said "Arizona Gun Leather will be shutting down for a few weeks and will not be processing or accepting any orders during that time. I am sad to say that Ron's father passed away and we are currently trying to get all of his final wishes taken care of and closing up his estate. I apologize for all the problem this has caused anyone but we hope to be up and running again soon.

thank you for your understanding

Ron Clark
Laurie Zucchero"

So there we have holster or refund forthcoming and upset the law was contacted.

Guess I will go ahead and make some popcorn, this is going to be a good show.
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