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Thank you all for your answers, its good to know if i get into competitive shooting there are ways to accommodate.

These situations in my opinion are critical and hearing is a must. My concern is in the above situation touching the shooter could possibly have the shooter trying to turn around after being touched with a loaded firearm
I see the starting and stopping a match as not being ideal for a deaf shooter but this is basic gun safety. If a person is tapped on the shoulder i dont see any reason they would turn around and sweep the crowd especially knowing that shoulder taps are going to be used as a signal.

You could attend a match with some one that can translate for you assuming you are fluent in sign language and get their thoughts.
You can also contact IDPA, USPSA headquarters and get their take on this.
I will definitely have to too look into some local matches, even if i dont compete it seems like a good time with like minded people . Of course it will also be the best way to get real information but its always good to go into it with some base knowledge so thanks all for your replies
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