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The first thing I wanted to find out is how much room is needed and how messy is this.
How much room is needed depends entirely upon what set-up you use: My brother loaded nearly 3,000 9mm rounds since last November with a Lee hand press, and kept everything in two shoe boxes under his couch...

.... that said, he is getting into loading other calibers, so we built him a very nice bench in his basement this week, for less than 90 bucks. 8 feet long, 3 feet deep, with shelves and pegboard. It is made from 2x6's and is secured to the basement walls with PL400 and concrete screws- he can do all the case-forming he wants and not rock his scale..... it's as solid as the basement walls themselves........

how messy is this
How messy are YOU?

You won't save any money. It's a lie. It's an excuse used to convince the wife to let you start reloading. You'll have lots of fun, but, you will NOT save any money. For starters, just add up the cost of everything that was just recommended.

IF you shoot much, the equipment will pay for itself quickly in savings on ammo- I did the math awhile back and a Lee 50th Anniversary Kit would pay for itself in 300 rounds of 30-06 or .270 WIN ........

But I have found I did not save any money: I still shoot myself broke. I just get to shoot a whole lot more doing it. It is a sickness, and I have it bad: I have bullets and dies for calibers I don't even own ...... yet.
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