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Sorry I don't. Here's what I did. Determine the bench size... bigger is always better, and cut a sheet of plywood (3/4 or 5/8 minimum) to that size/shape and lay it face down on the floor. Using 2 x 4's cut them to make a frame the same size as the plywood. Laying them on top of the plywood as a reference and to keep them square, screw them together through the ends. You are not attaching the frame to the plywood just making the frame. ALWAYS USE SCREWS NOT NAILS. If you make a mistake you can unscrew it and redo it. I always buy 50% more 2 x 4's than I think I need... enough said!

Determine your bench height, I stand to reload and use a Strong Mount under my press and my benches are 39 1/2" tall. I hate bending over to work on my guns or to do anything. Higher is better! Using 4 x 4's or 4 x 6's for legs, cut them to your desired bench height less the thickness of the plywood (39 1/2 less 3/4 equals 38 3/4). Place them standing up INSIDE the four corners of your frame and screw them together, through the frame into the 4 x 6's. I use a second drill to create a pilot hole for each screw before screwing two pieces together. Mark your wood, drill pilot holes and start your screws before fastening the two pieces together. It will make the task easier.

Measure and cut 2 x 4's to build a second frame for the inside of the four legs to be used as a full size shelf. Unlike the top frame, this frame will have two longer sides spaning from outer leg to outer leg, and two shorter sides fastened between them. This should be anchored so it is positioned at least 12" from the floor when the assembly is turned right side up. This is so you can store ammo cans on the floor, under the shelf. Now flip the frame and legs over so everything is upright.

Depending on the size of your bench you may need some support 2 x 4's inside the two frames before you fasten the plywood. I used metal hangers (Home Depot). They are cheap, strong and easy to install. Just measure the longest inside dimension of each frame and cut 2 x 4's, attached the hangers and insert the 2 x 4's. You can then screw the hangers to the 2 x 4's. Remember, everything needs to be flush to the tops of the frames because you want the plywood to lye flat.

Cut a second sheet of plywood for the shelf so that you can slide it between two of the legs. Fasten it with screws into the lower frame and support members. Now place the top plywood on the top frame an attach in the same manor. That's it!

If you can push your bench up against a wall it's best to anchor the bench to the wall. Find the studs, drill pilot holes through the top frame and let-her-rip!

If you can find a helper to hold or keep a board from moving during assembly you may prevent your children from learning new words... enough said!

Good Luck.
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