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I too use the electronic muffs. I started with a set of Radians. These were complete junk. I then went to a set of Peltor Sport Tacs. I loved these. They are all digital, provide slight amplification and the battery life was phenominal. However, they did not survive being run over by my car. I now have a pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic muffs. These too are digital and work as well as the Peltors, but at about half the price.

Like oneounceload, I have used everything, but my hearing is poor to begin with. Add some plugs and I can't hear range commands, the instructor's instructions, or often even when someone calls "Pull". With the electronics I can. Good point on the heat, here in Texas it ain't so nice in the summer either, and I will admit that when it is 105 or so as it has been for the last 40+ days, I usually just use the plugs and don't hear.
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