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However you paint the slide, it will wear off again. Getting some kind of ion/melonite finish would help much more, as the problem is rust.

On the polymer lower, very little will stick to it. Maybe Krylon Fusion, it claims it will do it.

The overall effect on something as small as a pistol means that the effective result in the field isn't so much. It's more personal taste.

I avoided much of the problem by buying the furniture already molded in the color I wanted. It will never lose the color or need refinishing, just add patina and get camo'd more as I use it. Many foreign gunmakers did that for special units in the past, and the Army is moving to Dark Earth on all the new .300 Win Mag sniper rifles. AR makers like Spikes now offer anodizing other than black, like the Brown Recluse model.

I like black, I'm repainting my Jeep in it, on firearms, not so much. Nothing yells "Gun!" as much as black. My friends don't need to be intimidated, and my enemies all walk on four legs or more and don't need to know.

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