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How easy is it to swap parts on the mini 14? AR has it beat.

How about a cowitnessing red dot? Again AR.
You're moving the goalposts. The statement I was responding to wsa "you cant "upgrade" or accessorize the Ruger quite as easily as an AR. " You're trying to change the subject to overlook one of the biggest design flaws of the AR, the inability to take a folding stock.

Swapping parts on a Mini? Easy enough to do if you if you can do basic home repairs without hurting yourself, though why you would need to or want to is beyond me once you go beyond basic things like "trigger job" and "replace gas bushing". I don't have a desire to shoot 52 different calibers through my Mini so the ability to swap uppers is moot.

Cowitnessing a red dot? Get a Ultimak Rail or an Aimtech Scout Rail for the Mini if you HAVE to have co-witnessing. Otherwise just get quick detach rings since with today's Red-dots, if they go down they are almost certainly broken and you'll have to take it off anyway.

You seem to be just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I really wish Ruger would man up and make a new version that takes AR mags,
Honestly, one of the selling points of the Mini is that it DOESN'T take AR mags. Mini mags may be more expensive, but you only have to buy them once. In the past they were scarce and VERY expensive making it a legitimate gripe against the Mini, but now that is no longer the case. They are somewhere between AK mags and AR mags in terms of durability.
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