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It's ironic that you posted this. Day before yesterday, I was think along the very same subject. I shoot bullseye competition in a local league and was eye-balling my club's range. Our indoor targets are hooked up to electro-hydrolics so that they turn to face the shooter when it's time to shoot and then they turn away when it's time to quit shooting each stage. Our outdoor range has turning targets at 25yds only. And that got me to thinking that even while shooting- one still has decent periferal vision. I don't believe it would be all that difficult to arrange a 110v red/green light setup with the toggle switch control being at the control stand. I don't know how such a setup would work with IDPA, IPSC, SASS, 3-Gun, or any of the rifle disciplines. But either way- technology has come a long way, and there is a way around this issue.
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