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Venison Whole Hash!

I just used the last of my venison and did not have a name for the dish, but one of the family outlaws said his Grandfather made a very similar meal called Whole Hash.
This is good for 15 servings <>
On a Grill,
I use a DOUBLE layer of extra strength foil and krinkle the top foil.
Onto the krinkled foil

1/4c<> olive oil

3-4 lbs of cut up venison steak (can use anything(I even use ground beef))

Cut or little carrot's all around the meat

salt an pepper, garlic powder etc. and I cut up fresh garlic also

I enjoy spinach throughout the dish

5 lbs Sliced red potato's,a I leave peels on and cut 1/2 - 3/4 " thick

Grated cheese or I love using the cheese packets from Mac N cheese

2 large onions sliced

1/2 lbs sliced or whole mushrooms

1 stick butter on top of taters and S&P all over again

a few tomato's on the top

1/4 cup <> water (for steam)

another krinckled sheet of foil on top and then close all the foil.

On my Weber Q 200 I cook on high for 40 min.

Size this any way and with any thing. Have never compiled a bad Whole Hash

Had a niece ask my wife if I was cooking anything gross like snake in it as she had no idea what venison is.
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