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I've seen these and have been interested in the mini-14 ranch rifle for many years. Just never bought one. I qualified on the rifle range in the Marine Corps with the M-14. So I have a fondness for that action. I also have a good abundance and really like the .223 round. At a time when I considered buying a mini-14, I read gun magazine reviews about problems or complaints. I recall a general or overall cheapening of the rifle. One idea sticks in my mind about a loose front sight or newer cheap design using a rolled pin to secure it.
I do have a Colt M-4 so my primary 5.56mm / .223 application is well covered. But as far as a "fun gun" or "novelty" or "ranch rifle" or serious defense rifle, the Mini-14 has always been on the back shelf of my mind. I think I'll follow this thread to see where it leads. Hell, I could end up buying one of the little buggers and I might even kick myself for not doing it sooner.
Let's see what plays out.
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