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Deaf competitive shooters

I have been shooting for most of my life and always love watching videos of competitive shooting. I have been shooting more then i ever have the last few years and even have been setting up a very shoddy but fun shooting course with 2x4's and paper plates at home. The more i have fun with this the more i have been curious about competitive shooting. The problem is i was born deaf and know that the timers use sound to signal when to start and im assuming there is someone in charge to yell to stop for safety reasons if needed. So i my question is does anyone know of a deaf competitive shooter? I have not been to an event so im not sure how easy it would be to accommodate. Having the range officer standing in front of me to signal would not work for obvious reasons haha. I suppose a tap on the shoulder would work which is how anyone gets my attention anyway but am curious if there are any other deaf shooters on here. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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