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Mini-14 are generally less accurate than AR's, especially after the Ruger's very thin barrel heats up.
That's old news. New Mini's are much more accurate and old Mini's can be improved significantly with an accu-strut. Also one needs to compare apples to apples. Rack grade AR vs rack grade mini with rack grade ammo and the AR will only have a small advantage from the bench. If you're shooting offhand, you can't tell the difference between the Mini and AR.

If you want an auto-loading .5 MOA varmint gun and are prepared to spend $1500 on it then perhaps the AR is the better option, just don't then compare it to a rack grade Mini.

And you cant "upgrade" or accessorize the Ruger quite as easily as an AR.
Put a folding stock on an AR.

That again is old news. Plenty of rail options for the Mini and accessory options. Yea some if it is DIY, but so is a lot of AR stuff.

To add to your list tobnpr:

Hi-cap mags for the Ruger are readily available. Yes they may be 2-3x the price of AR mags, but you only have to buy Mini-mags once. I have a 25 year old 30 rounder that the previous owner used all the time and is still is 100%.

Even with all the aluminum in the AR, the steel/synthetic stock Mini is about the same weight as a comparable AR.
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