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Agree with the above folks. The concept is just better. See this video on how well it works. If you have a self-loader and need to set the shoulder back at least a couple thousandths each time, you can get a Redding body die that leaves the neck alone, or use one of the neck bushing sizing dies without a bushing as a second, separate sizing operation.

I'll second the need for lube, and go you one better in that I have used the old S&W armorers action slicking mix on these dies with some success. You just mix a slurry of JB Bore compound with well-shaken (to get the Teflon in suspension) Break Free CLP, and put it on the tapered closing surfaces and work it in and out to lap the high spots smooth and embed the Teflon. A three day soak in Sprinco Plate+ Silver is another strategy that applies permanent lubrication to prevent galling.
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