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alright lets get discussing

alright, this is for the people in charge of swat magazine, and for everyone else to get their input in.

Im a smart man, ive long been able to see through scames in advertising, and hype. still gun writing isnt my profession so this is to get some input from the reading public.

I have an idea that can be either a magazine article, or a book, or a tv show.

the basic idea is to end the semi auto "better" then revolvers based on how fast an average person can be trained to a set standard of proficiency with them.

in order to do that i would require a type of double blind in which the subjects of the study get tested against how well they learn each type of weapon, but against how good their reflexes are at the start and end of the procedure.

its a tad complicated but i want to try to get it done.
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