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How to pattern a choke

To borrow from our friend Zippy; not to reinvent the wheel is this how I should pattern my 870 with a modified choke? Also, should I shoot the reloads I am using or for this purpose buy some factory gun clubs. I beleive my reloads are pretty uniform now and I use good components. While at it I will also pattern with my skeet choke if time permits. (You can only use the patterning board where I shoot if no one is on the adjacent trap field.).

I am thinking that I shoot 7/8 ounce loads of #8 shot or 9 and if I have to count all those little holes I might want to shoot some 7.5 so there will be less holes to count.

The Chuck Hawks article didn't mention it but I was thinking of breaking the circle into wedges like pieces of pie and tabulating how many hits were within each piece. If the pie is cut on the horizontal I can also measue how flat it shoots.

If I also aim at a point marked in the middle and on a separate piece of paper shoot where I look without aiming, shouldn't that also give me an idea of where I am hitting compared to where I am looking?
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