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ICH, I use the carnuba red now for all my boolits. It IS harder, needs a heater to be used in my Lyman 450. Because it is harder, I can be unconcerned about how I store the lubed/sized boolits. No problems with them sticking to each other and everything else the come in contact with. And it does not lead, even with the 2% tin/lead soft boolits.

Those loads were moderate, 5.5 W-231 does about 875 fps from my SA-1911 45. I could certainly open the throttle a bit with a slower burn rate powder like power pistol, probably get over 900 with those.

For anybody wondering where to get a mold like the one in the pic, Those come from Miha Prevec over in Slovenija, it's a group buy that takes most of a year to be organized, filled, then produced. Most of what I posted here is also on this thread I started back when I got the mold;
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