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Well I'm not yote hunter, but I have the same mold he has, mine's a four cavity.

That's whats known as a "cramer type " mold. Automatic pins that stay in the mold so you don't have to fiddle with a separate HP pin. Then try to keep that pin hot! If you look closely, there's 2 round HP pins and 2 penta point pins in the mold. I can cast all round ones, all pentas, or turn the pins around to cast solids. The 2 HP bullets are 200 grainers, the solids would be about 215 grains. These were cast from range lead that's about 12-14 BHN.

Do they expand??¿ They shore do!

That's the bullet tube media, about the consistency of modeling clay, but it's a soft wax. The two expanded boolits there, the left one is a round HP, the right is the penta point. These that I tested expansion on were cast from nearly pure lead with 2% tin, very soft. The range lead boolits in the pics will expand, but not as big or as completely.
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