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I've had really excellent results shooting Berry bullets in almost every handgun I own. For shooting a light load at paper targets at 50 feet or less I really like the hollow base wadcutter in the .38 special or .357 mag.

I may be odd in that I prefer to have a bit more recoil than most persons, but the 148 gr Berry in the .38 special feels almost like a rimfire to me -- I have to shoot a few to get used to the mild recoil. I have had no problem stabilizing these bullets with what I consider to be very light powder charges, using mainly N-340 or HS-6. The hollow base expands to create a very nice seal, much like the old Minie' ball, so less powder is needed to speed the bullet on its way and of course the wad cutter shape makes for east target result reading.

Going off at a tangent I'll mention that Lapua has also gone back to this hollow base design for some match rifle bullets.....
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