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You guys have a lot more energy than me. I take a pound or two of venison cut in about 1 inch squares, a quart of home made canned tomatoes, a pack or two of frozen vegetables for soup, throw it in the crock pot and eat it the next day
I cook Antelope, primarily. You have to be really careful with cooking methods, or really careful in selecting the cut of meat. Like most venison, the "bad" flavors are in the fat/tallow. Cooking in certain ways (especially covered in a crock pot) can concentrate the "bad" flavor and aroma from marbled meat, or pieces of fat that were missed during butchering. Sometimes, the extra effort is required, not optional.

Bacon wrapped backstrap.......slice about 1.5-to-2" thick, wrap with thick sliced bacon, marinate in Italian salad dressing for about 48 hrs. Pan sear in olive oil (seals in moisture), then finish on the grill.
I have done the same with Antelope, with some changes:
For a predictable cook time, I cut the meat into 1" cubes, season as desired, and wrap all sides with bacon (double wrapped - 1 strip of thick cut bacon, cut in half). The pork drippings keep the Antelope moist (critical for goat meat), and it's ready to eat when the bacon is safe for consumption.
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