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I'm happy for you, because I bought a brand-new imitation Carbine from AO in October, '07.

It was a very negligent but educational decision, having read nothing about them, and did not yet have any gun buddies (hard to believe,
but a very late hobby in life). This was my First gun purchase.

After about 150 rds, the bolt suddenly felt wrong, with a bit of binding. Trying to make it operate easier, it was now totally jammed.
My wife could not believe that the gun store would not offer to refund the money for a $750 product.
The gun smith would not touch it, and the factory did a free repair.

Lots of guys talk about "commie crap", but my SKS has a 'stovebolt' now and then (never cleaned the gas port).
My brand-new US-made rifle WAS crap, and had been treated gently, no drops or dirt inside etc.
The bolt never felt as rugged as those on the GI versions.

Despite the thick front post sights on my older Mini 14 and 30, that AO gun could never be compared to my Minis and "Commie" SKS.

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