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Tape - I don't know what they're basing that Top 10 list on but it doesn't sound right to me. And if they're not basing it on sales figures or units in circulation - it's just someone's idea of what the top 10 are.

I doubt the S&W 500 is the number 2 most popular gun. I'll admit I want one, but just one would break my budget. I doubt that many people go all-in for a 500, it means passing up a lot of other handgun purchases and comitting to a lifetime a fairly expensive shooting.

I also doubt the QSZ -92 is in anyone's top 10 list unless its a "Top 10 Pistols From China" list.

The QSZ -92 has been talked about on this forum zero times that I can recall. Even when I do a search on it - it doesn't come up that often.
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