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Hmmmm. The Founding Fathers said that you have an "inalienable right to keep and bear arms". And you want to know whether or not you have the right to own one? If you mean are you legally restricted from owning a firearm, there are a few easy questions (as far as the Federal Government is concerned, States may be a tad different), among which are:
- Are you a convicted felon?
- Have you been ajudicated mentally incompetent?
- Are you a habitual user of illegal drugs?
- Have you been discharged from the US Armed Forces under dishonorable or less than honorable conditions?
- Are you under a restraining order for Domestic Violence?
- Are you a resident of the State where the purchase will take place?
- Are you a US Citizen or a legal resident alien?

Answer those correctly, and you should be able to own a firearm. Unless the State you reside in says it's too dangerous.
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