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We have the wheel-lock to thank for the development of real pistols vs. the handcannons of earlier years. Matchlock pistols just were not practical.

The wheel-lock's mechanism is very complicated, especially in comparison to the matchlock. Any competent blacksmith could make or repair a matchlock. To repair a broke wheel-lock took the services of a jeweler or gunsmith.

The Wheel-lock was also the first practical hunting firearm. Kind of hard to stalk a deer or boar while fumbling with a lighted slowmatch.

I do not know of any country banning the wheel-lock, how ever England at one time banned the manufacture of firearms less than three feet long. History has repeated itself and they've recently done the same thing again.

If you are interested, Dixie Gun Works offers an Wheel-lock Musket for sale. I think it is abou a .70 caliber gun.

A question for you. Do scholars still credit Leonardo daVinci with the invention ot the wheel-lock mechanism?

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