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I agree think it's a joke but still don't get open carry when you can unless you are LEO and on duty. Just my thinking
In surveys done on convicted felons 60% admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. About 40% admitted they would avoid a target they "thought" was armed.

With the average person's chance of needing their gun being so low, a further reduction of 60% would seem to nearly eliminate it. That alone seems like reason enough to me.

Armed and Considered Dangerous: A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms, James Wright and Peter Rossi, Aldine, 1986
Here's my credo: There are no good guns, There are no bad guns. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a good man is no threat to anyone, except bad people.
Charlton Heston
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