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Mossberg 500 SERIOUS Jam Or Something; All Help Appreciated?

So I went to a gun show recently and bought what appears to be a new Mossberg 500 pump action 12 Guage Shotgun with just a pistol grip no stock i.e. cruiser like model which also has a heat sink on it.

I bought it because our other 12 guages like the Remington 870 3.5 inch chamber is WAYY to heavy and big to carry around the back country, where as I can put this is a scabbard and carry some 3 inch black magic slugs for bear protection (at least that's what I thought).

I bring it home clean it, everything seems to be great. I've never shot a Mossberg shotgun before, but I've only heard good things about the 500 so my uncle and I go out in the woods to go shooting.

All seems good right? I fill the gun up with 7 rounds of 2 and 3/4ths inch LIGHT LOAD, low brass, like number 7 bird shot just to get a feel for the gun and try it out right? I shoot it a few times and everything works fine up until round #4. All of a sudden I can't pull the pump back to eject the shell out...hmmm.

How I've had some shotgun and gun jams before but nothing that I couldn't figure out, and nothing like this. Luckily my shooting trip wasn't over as I brought the good ole Glock 19 9mm and we passed about 200 rounds through that problem FREE of course lol.

Glock = Austrian made; = Works Flawlessly. Mossberg 500 = U.S. Made = Screws Up After 4 Rounds.
Got me thinking; is stuff made in the U.S. like this Shotgun a pile of s*** these days?

Of course I've shot my Remington 870 12 Guage hundreds of times perfectly (those things seem to be built like a tank, but they're too heavy for the back country ).

So in any case I bring it home in frustration and of course I can't fix it and there's a shell still stuck in the chamber.
I took pictures of the gun in the hopes perhaps people here can be of assistance. So the gun and the chamber appear to be too far forward for the hammer to even cause the firing pin to come forward. The elevator or something appears to be jammed up beside the barrel which I just don't get. The gun is NOT loaded and the round in the chamber is just an empty shell which I can't eject because I can't pull back the pump. Also the safety button that allows you to chamber the first round it pushed in and stuck. Below are some picture links . I thank you ALL so much for any help or ideas in advance.
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