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The problem with accuracy has little to do with how much the bullet drops. A high velocity 22 rimfire transistions to subsonic speeds between 50 to 75 yards. So you might get great accuracy at 50 yards, but at 100 yards under ideal conditions, accuracy can suffer.

If you are concern with how much a bullet drops, don't try to shoot past 125 yards with a 22 rimfire. My accurized 10/22T will group 0.20" at 50 yards with target grade ammo, it hates match grade. I usually use Winchester Dynapoints, which are standard velocity. I'll get 0.40" groups at 50 and sub 1" at 100 yards under ideal conditions. The bullet generally drops about 5-6" at 100 yards. I've shot out to 200 yards and hit what I was aiming at, ie. squirrels and rabbits. Unless you know how to use target turrets on a scope, I wouldn't try to shoot past 100 yards.
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