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Finally got an M1 Carbine

So, I've loved the M1 Carbine for as long as I can remember...and really fell in love with it when I had a roommate who had one around 1995. Over the past few months I've been looking seriously with the intent of buying one...looked at a lot of online auctions but never felt comfortable enough with buying something that old sight-unseen for that kind of money. I fondled a new manufacture AO Carbine, and loved it, but read poor reviews and it just doesn't have that mystique that a history buff like myself is looking for.

So last week I placed an ad in my local 'trader' paper, seeking a GI Carbine. Well I got a call the day it ran from an old gentleman with one to sell...I went by this afternoon to look at it...

Inland reciever, 6318xxx s/n, RockOla barrel (no date), no markings at all on the stock, so I assume a replacement. No import markings on the barrel, only the Rock Ola stamp. It shoots an feeds nicely, has a nice shiny barrel, and feels nice. The owner had bought it around 20 years ago and shot it very occasionally. He said the only thing not the same as the day he bought it was the aftermarket sling. He's now in his 80s and his only son has a felony conviction so he cant give it to him. He wanted to get $500 out of I gave it a good home...

Sorry there isn't a pic, but I'm having camera issues...I'll try later.

Whaddya think, a good deal?
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