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Mine was about 400, per the rancher whose place I was hunting on. He had told me and other couple of guys that he had a huge hog on the place that was tearing down fences by just walking through them. He said to shoot it on sight, but kill it, DO NOT WOUND IT, or I would be his tracking assistant. Later, around dusk, I was in a ground blind and here comes this huge hog. I was shocked at the size. I had earlier shot an 6 point (no brow tines), and the hog walked over to the deer and clamped down with his teeth and picked the deer up with no apparent effort. I guess he was going to walk off with it and eat it. I shot him and he went down. Tried to get back up, but couldn't. I didn't measure the tusks, but they were bigger than anything I've seen since. I told the wife I'd get the head mounted. She told me a lot of stuff, some of which was profane, and none of which was agreement, so I gave it to the rancher. I hear the head is still on his wall.
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