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I guess I should tell my story too. Ok, so this hog had been eatin out of the cows feed bins for 3 years... Which is how it got so big previous to this night I could never get a shot at him. Anyway, it was about 7:30 omost to dark to see through the scope. I was getting ready to walk out of my stand when I took one last look at the feeder, about 65 yards from the cows feed bins. When I saw a huge shadow moving under the deer feeder. At first glance I thought it was just a small cow, but after further studying it I realized it was the masive hog. I then sat back down in my stand and put my rifle up on the window looked through the scope but the crosshairs in the dark spot where I thought the head was. (It just looked like a big blob) and fired. I heard a one loud squeal and then nothing. I took the my flashlight out of my pack and walked over to it. this thing was masive!!! 3 men couldn't even drag it. We had to get the tractor and tow it back to camp where we hooked it up to the scale we use to weigh deer. And sure enough that's what it weighed.. And it was very good! I still have 60 pounds worth of sasuage
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