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I honestly don't know what he weighed but when we hoisted him up, his snout was well above my head before his butt cleared the ground. There was also a 396 (I think that is right. It was 390 something) pounder trapped on the same property and the boar I shot was considerably larger. I would love to know what he actually weighed. I have always assumed he was close 500 but unfortunately, I will never really know. I have yet to see another one even close to that and probably never will.

That big old boar turned the tables on me that night. I didn't know he was there and he was actually the one stalking me. I am still amazed at how quietly he was able to do it. He came up behind me right after my light went dead. I actually had to shoot at a shadow at that point but I knew I was the only one there and I knew where all the cattle were and when one end of the shadow was moving up and down and popping it's teeth, all doubt about what it was was gone.

I gained a whole new respect for hogs that night.

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