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Now some movies show gun defense in a clear moral light. But again, how many times do we see defenseless victims? My girl has to go to trade shows and I bought her a gun to travel with: she won't be caught defenseless in her motel room! Hell no. She was reluctant but I convinced her that the police (I have BIG respect for cops: many family members are LEOs, and they, even in Illinois, support the 7 seconds trip) can't get there fast enough to prevent tragedy. We live in Southern Illinois, thank goodness. My girl only goes as far north as Champaign Urbana for her work.

I know movies portray extreme and unlikely situations, but some punk busting into a motel room is not far fetched. I feel better when my woman is on the road that she has a gun. Single action semi auto she punches small at 7 yards. Good enough.
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