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I'm guessing some of the posters don't get it that the gun in question is on a belt buckle. From any distance it would be hard to tell that there is a real gun there and not just a buckle. Not knowing any better I'd think it was a belt buckle, . . . Even at that, I would not be checking out a guys stuff near his stuff. . . .
Both ways, you are correct, it's a damned "Belt Buckle", and the girl in question was right in front of me, if she was ugly, I still would have looked at her.

I'm sorry, but the way I'm perceiving the situation is that the gun is being treated as a novelty rather than a weapon.
Yes ser, in a way you are correct, but I do wear a belt, so the "Novelty" will wear off, but the belt/belt buckle stays.
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