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Prime time guns

You know? We all watch primetime shows like the several CSIs, Criminal Minds, et al.... All shows on tv where the victims, all across the republic, could have saved their lives with a gun. But no, the victims are all unarmed and we revel in the LEOs "making it right" and "getting the bad guys" after the fact. Where is the tv show that shows gun owners defending themselves?

Hollywood wants us to die, undefended, so the cops can save the day too late and bring the bad guy to justice.

So mass media says, explicitly, "you have to die before law enforcement will act.". Those of us who choose self defense are regarded by hollywood as "boring uninteresting copy."

When mass media portrays self defense as futile and criminal, and law enforcement, while too late, as the sole way to deal with crime, we all lose. We are told to rely on the cops, FBI, to save us. Court law has upheld that law enforcement has no mandate to protect us, despite the "protect and serve" decals we see on our cop cars.

It is up to us to be armed in the defense of our lives and our property. It is up to the cops to find and bust the people who attack us and our homes.

When seconds count the police is only minutes away.

Am I an alien in this position? If the cops cannot be held to protect us, and how can they anyway, we must, clearly, defend ourselves. That means we need guns on our belts, in our fanny packs, in the console of our cars. Clearly.

Any comments? I write from Illinois.
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