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Having to shoot your way out

I wonder if instead of head shots, would knee capping be better? Would kneeling and shooting knee high get you more "buck for your bang". With modern ammo and over penetration you could probably put on the ground with each shot between 2 and 6 to 8 people.all screaming their heads off. The screaming of 12 or 14 shot people in the same area should slow any but the very very stupid. And you would (with a high cap mag) still have about 10 rounds for the very very stupid. You would be down lower so the crowd might not see you very well. Just a idea, maybe stupid but what the heck. As far as shooting "innocents" we all know if you were in the middle of that mob you are already guilty.

Also if you have had to do something like this, as soon as the LEO says hello the first words out of your mouth "I wish to speak to a lawyer." And that is only thing you say unless you are asking for medical treatment. And you keep repeating "I wish to speak to a lawyer". I mean what is the use of all these criminals getting US all of these rights if we do not use them.

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