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I'm gonna ask my question again that somehow got deleted even tho' it had nothing todo with the racial aspects here.

Would head-shots perhaps be better if you must fire on an angry mob, since they might not even notice a few of their buddies going down, but splattering blood and brains and gore ought to give them something to think about?

I know you normally shoot COM because it makes a better target, but this isn't a normal situation.
I've read in some tactics rags and articles that if faced with a mob, gang, or any sizable group, to try to find the leader and take them out first (taze, bullet, teargas, whatever). This seems, for whatever reason, to offer the best chance of stopping the mob. I've heard it compared to shooting the lead dog in a pack of wild dogs in order to send the whole pack scattering. Unfortunately I have no source for this.
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